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Okta Cloud Connect (OCC) Support FAQ
Published: Oct 27, 2015   -   Updated: Apr 4, 2017

What level of support is included with Okta Cloud Connect?

Okta Cloud Connect customers are entitled to three (3) free Okta support cases per year, submitted via portal or phone*. Response times and hours of service for Okta Cloud Connect customers adhere to the Basic Success Package Service Levels (i.e., Support provided Monday-Friday, 6:00am - 6:00pm, local time.)

How does the annual support cases entitlement refresh work for Okta Cloud Connect?

The allowable number of support cases for each Okta Cloud Connect customer without a Premier Success Package will reset to three (3) free cases on January 1 of every calendar year.

Do all support case types count against the allotted three (3) free support tickets?

No. Support cases resulting from an Okta Service disruption or from a confirmed defect will not count against the annual free case entitlement.

Do enhancement requests count against the allotted three (3) free support tickets?

Yes, feature enhancement requests count against the total. We recommend instead that customers submit an idea in the Okta Community*.

I've exceeded my annual support case limit for free Okta support. What do I do?

You can upgrade from Okta Cloud Connect to a paid product or to a Premier Success Package contract. Please request a quote if you are interested in speaking with the Okta sales team. Okta also offers a number of resources to help you get started like Live Virtual ClassesSelf-Service Resources, and our Community Forums

How do I determine how many free support cases I have remaining?

After each eligible closed support case, you will receive an email letting you know how many free cases you have left.

*Note: Only Okta Administrators are entitled to open support cases with the Okta Technical Support Team.  To submit an idea in the Okta Community, you must be an Okta Administrator, and logged into the Help Center.

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