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Okta Partners - Sales and Marketing Webinar Series
Published: Aug 2, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018
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Getting Started as a Partner
Okta Partner Training

Partner Webinar Series
The Okta Partner Webinar Series is designed to provide partners of all levels and background timely access to the information needed to successfully sell and deploy Okta. Simply click on a link to register for a specific webinar, or view a previously recorded session. The webinars are typically 1 hour, including a 45 minute presentation with time for questions. These webinars are for Executives, Sales, Technical, and Marketing professionals.
Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) - Thursday, April 12th (NAM + EMEA)
Join us for a webinar covering Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). We'll discuss:

•What Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is, how it is evolving, and common use cases
•The needs and challenges of stakeholders that are involved in transforming the customer experience
•Okta's solution to help customers build seamless customer experiences

NEW Integrations: Okta + ServiceNow and Okta + SailPoint - Thursday, March 15th (NAM + EMEA)
Join us for a webinar covering the Okta + Sailpoint and Okta + ServiceNow integrations. Presenters for the session will include Okta's Ernesto Tey, Josh Donelson, Arpan Punyani, and Madhu Mahadevan. 
Businesses @ Work + Okta and Security Analytics Systems - Thursday, February 8th (NAM + EMEA)
Join us for a dual topic PWS as we cover both the recently released Businesses @ Work 2018 results as well as Okta Integrations: Okta and Security Analytics Systems. We'll do a deep dive into the Businesses @ Work 2018 data and key findings and learn how Okta integrates with leading security analytics companies like Splunk, IBM QRadar, Sumologic, Rapid7 and others to help your customers achieve true security visibility and response.
Okta + Box - Thursday, January 18th (NAM + EMEA)
Customers are redefining the industry through technology. The Okta + Box partnership brings a unique opportunity to solve customers' challenges around identity, security, and content & collaboration. In this webinar, we’ll cover sales best practices to enable impactful conversations with your prospects and review core Okta + Box functionalities. 
Breaking Records 2017: A Year in Review - Thursday, December 14th (NAM + EMEA)
Tis the season to look back! Join us for a special PWS led by our very own Field Alliance team to recap 2017 including partnering best practices and a special holiday treat. We'll review success stories from recent partner programs, recapping sales actions and big wins and highlighting why we win together.
Okta Integrations | Okta + NetScaler - Thursday, November 9th (NAM)
Once Citrix NetScaler is deployed and configured with Okta, IT admins can manage access to cloud and legacy enterprise apps through a single pane of glass in the Okta admin console. IT admins are able to strengthen the security of all applications through centrally managed security policies that can be used by both cloud apps and NetScaler-fronted enterprise apps. Join us to learn more. 
Okta Industry Solutions - Thursday, October 12th (NAM)
Identity challenges vary by industry. Join us for this solution focused webinar to understand how Okta helps healthcare and financial service organizations meet their identity challenges.
Okta Integrations - Okta + Palo Alto Networks - Thursday, September 21st (NAM)
Over 80% of data breaches involve weak or stolen credentials. Learn how Okta’s integration with Palo Alto Networks' firewall and VPN helps increase security to enterprise networks and helps block suspicious or malicious users.
Oktane17 Highlights - Thursday, September 12th (NAM)
August 28-30 the world's most innovative technical minds convened at Oktane17 for the industry's leading identity conference. Join us to learn more about the announcements made at Oktane17 that are relevant to you as a partner. 
Selling Okta Best Practices - Thursday, July 13th (NAM)
In recent webinars we covered Sales Tactics and GTM Plays – in Selling Okta Best Practices we will dive deeper into the Okta Sales Process and focus on specific GTM Initiatives. Join us to learn more. 
Okta Integrations - Okta + F5 - Thursday, June 22nd (NAM)
Security and efficient management are critical for your customers, and Okta’s partnerships can help! Okta integrated with F5 Networks enables enterprises to seamlessly manage access to all applications, on-prem and in the cloud. Join us to learn more.
Selling the Okta Platform - Thursday, June 8th (NAM)
The connected economy is here. If your customers are like most IT organizations, they have a list of apps and portals to build or maintain for external users such as customers and partners. According to a recent IDG study, 91% of IT managers see identity management as a key enabler of digital business. 
Okta GTM Plays (Highlights from Okta's SKO) - Thursday, May 11th (NAM)
Customers care more about business initiatives and projects than products. Join this session to hear about Okta GTM Initiatives as revealed at our Sales Kick Off. This webinar is 45 minutes, with 15 minutes for questions.
Okta Integrations - Thursday, April 27th (NAM)
Join us for our new Okta Integrations Partner Webinars to learn about Okta + F5, Palo Alto Networks, and Citrix NetScaler. Security and efficient management are critical for your customers, and Okta’s partnerships can help.
Okta Partner Program - Thursday, March 9th (NAM)
Learn about the Okta Partner Program, how to make the most of the available partner resources, and maximize your Okta sales. 

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