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Offboarding for Dropbox
Published: May 26, 2017   -   Updated: Jul 18, 2018
Current Release Status: GA
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The new feature enhancement for Dropbox is designed to make it easier and more secure than ever for companies to work with Dropbox. The key part of this update is the simplicity and ease with which you will now be able to ONBOARD and OFFBOARD new users in your organization.

With this enhancement you can:
  • Perform ‘silent provisioning’ into Dropbox
  • Keep your corporate content secure when users leave your organization with new offboarding workflows
  • Wipe user access on linked devices to prevent data leaks.
  • Transfer users account to an IT Administrator’s DropBox account when it becomes deactivated.

Feature Highlights

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  • As a best practice, it may be helpful to create a shared IT account where you will store all of your offboarded user’s content in Dropbox.
  • This will keep it simple to manage all of your user’s offboarding content.

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Q:  Will I be able to use my current Dropbox app in Okta?
A: No, If you were already using our Dropbox integration before, then you’ll have to look for a new app in the OAN called Dropbox Business.