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Managing Google Licenses
Published: Sep 14, 2017   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018




Managing Google Licenses

This guide provides steps to configure the License Management feature for G-Suite.

Managing G-Suite Users

When an Okta end user is assigned to G-Suite or when their assignments are updated, admins have the option to manage all Google licenses and deprovisioning actions, centrally and granularly, within Okta. Additionally, this Okta end user's licenses can be automatically updated within their 3rd-party Google account. This is true Individually or within a group. In essence, any updates created in Okta can be subsequently pushed to Google.

To use this option, the following must be true:

  • Provisioning forG-Suite is enabled.
  • The Manage License on Create and Update drop-down in Okta is set to true. See Options for License Management below for details.
  • The Auto-assign the following license to all currently unassigned users and users subsequently created button in your Google account Admin Console is unchecked, as shown below.


From the G-Suite page in Okta, do the following:

  1. Click the People or Groups tab.
  2. Chose a user or group and click the right-side Edit button. The Edit User Assignment page appears.
  3. Click true on the Manage licenses on create update drop-down menu. See Options for License Management below for details.
  4. Click the appropriate check-boxes to assign the license(s).

Caution: Only certain groups of Google licenses can be individually selected, as some groups provide mutually exclusive options. For example, G-Suiteand Google Drive can only be assigned one license selection at a time. Choosing more than one results in an error on the Tasks page, and only the first selection is honored.

Managing User Assignments

Options for User Deactivation

When you need to deprovision or deactivate an Okta user from G-Suite, you can do so without compromising the user's Google account. Control this element under Deactivation options on the Edit User Assignments screen. If both boxes are left unchecked, the user is suspended in Okta and in their corresponding Google account. See details about these options below.


Do not suspend user

Checking this box prevents the user's account from being suspended in Google after deprovisioning in Okta. The user's Google account remains active.

Remove all G-Suite licenses

Checking this box insures that, when deprovisioned, Google licenses for this user no longer exist in Okta.

Options for License Management

Manage licenses on create and update

When Okta end users are assigned, or changed in theUniversal Directory Profile Editor, choosing true allows any changes in their Google license(s) to be automatically pushed to Google. Choosing false does not push any information.

Known Issue

Chiclets for apps for which users do not have a license may appear on their Okta Home page. Clicking these chiclets results in an error message. Top