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Logging into Okta Help Center with Wrong Account
Published: Jun 2, 2017   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018
Issue: Navigating to Help Center from Okta Admin Console logs on as a different account:
  • Logged onto Okta Admin console as User A
  • Clicked Help & Training to be redirected to Okta Help Center
  • Okta Help Center indicates that User B is logged on

Applies To: Okta Help Center

Cause: Multiple Okta Admin accounts are sharing the same email address
  • The Okta Help Center username is generated by and based upon the Okta user's email address, NOT the Okta username

Resolution: Apply a unique email address to one of the accounts by performing the following steps:
  • Log onto Okta Admin console as a Super Administator that is not the affected account
    • for example, if you are planning to change the email address of User A, log on as User B
  • Navigate to Security -> Administrators
  • Remove Super Administrator role from User A by clicking X on right of user's Role Column
  • ​Navigate to Directory -> People
  • Select User A and click Profile tab
  • change User A's email address to a value that is not shared by other accounts
  • Navigate to Security -> Administrators
  • Click Add Administrator
  • Enter User A's username in Grant administrator role to field, and select Administrator role that was previously removed.
  • Log onto Okta Admin Console as User A
  • Click Help & Training to ensure that User A is logged onto Okta Help Center