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Intro to Okta for End Users
Published: Apr 27, 2015   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

New to Okta? We have you covered. This video covers the basics like what is Okta? Why would I want to use it to sign on to my applications?

With Okta, all you need is one username and one password to instantly access all your applications. Gone are the days of remembering multiple passwords, filling out password reset tickets or getting locked out of your accounts while you're on the road. Okta also gives your IT team added security so they're able to keep the network, data and you safer.

Watch this two minute video to get an overview of what Okta is: 

Do you need more detailed instructions on how to use Okta as and end user? We also have this how-to video to watch:


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For more information about getting started with Okta as an End User check out the End User FAQ