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Ideas FAQ
Published: Dec 14, 2017   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Ideas FAQ


What is an Idea?

You may call it by a different name – a feature request or a product enhancement – but an Idea is something you’d like to see in one of Okta’s products. By submitting your Idea in the Help Center, you’re not only sharing it with the Okta team, but also the community of other Okta users. Others who find your submission helpful may vote or comment on the Idea, which helps the Okta team see what’s wanted or needed by the community.


How do I submit an Idea?

After signing in to the Help Center, click on “Ideas” from the menu. Once the page loads, click the green “Post Idea” button to get started. The fields include prompts to guide you along your submission.


What information is Okta looking for in an Idea?

Title: Your Idea title should be descriptive but succinct. It should summarize your submission.

Body: Describe your Idea with as much detail as possible. How would you use this feature? What type of environment would this be used in? What is the business impact? The more detailed your submission the better. It allows the Okta team to fully understand what you’re looking for. These are great questions to answer if you’re adding a comment to a previously submitted Idea as well.

Product: Be sure to choose the appropriate Okta product your Idea relates to.


What makes a well written Idea?

Detail! The more detail the better. Explaining your use cases is also particularly helpful. It allows us to understand your thought process and how you plan to use the feature should it be implemented. Understanding the impact it has on your business is also helpful. Does this eliminate steps or make your workflow more efficient? What roadblocks are you encountering that led you to suggest this feature?

Sample good Idea:


How can I support other ideas?

If you see an Idea that you want to support there are two ways you can help endorse it. First, you can vote for an existing idea. Votes allow the product team an at-a-glance view of how many people have interest in the idea. Secondly, you can add a comment. This allows you to share more detail with the product team about how you’d use the feature. As mentioned above, the more detail you share, the better.


What happens after I submit my Idea?

Once your Idea has been submitted, it will be visible to the community and the Product team. We encourage you to comment and vote on others’ Ideas. Showing your support and illustrating your unique use cases help the Product team gain a better understanding of what you’re looking for. 

Our Product team will review all Ideas and assign a status to it (more details below). While all Ideas will be read and acknowledged, your Idea may not necessarily move on to the product roadmap or development stage. 


What are each of the statuses?

New – This is a newly-submitted Idea, and our Product team has not yet read or reviewed it

Open – The Idea has been read by the Product team and is awaiting more feedback/comments/votes

Roadmap – The Idea is on our product roadmap

Delivered – The Idea has been delivered and the feature is live in the production version of the product 

Not Planned – We will not be implementing the Idea at this time