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End User Notifications
Published: Sep 14, 2017   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018




End User Notifications

About Notifications

Okta allows you to send end users the following types of notifications:

  • New app assignments. These are automatically sent every time a user is assigned a new app. These are one-time messages. Once a user closes the Notification box, the new app assignment message is removed.
  • Custom notifications sent by an administrator. The administrator creates and manages these notifications. For details, see Managing Notifications below.

Viewing Notifications

Whenever there is a new message, the Notifications drop-down list automatically displays as soon as the user accesses their Home page. End users can reopen the list at any time to review previous messages.

To view previous notifications, end users click the Notifications icon end_user_notifications_1 on the Okta Home page top menu.



Managing Notifications

To create and manage Notifications, click Dashboard > Notifications, then follow the instructions in The Administrator Dashboard.