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Delete User Account
Published: Mar 31, 2017   -   Updated: Jul 18, 2018


Current Release Status: EA

Okta's Life Cycle Management feature is loaded with capabilities that help you create a single source of truth, streamline access, automate the identity lifecycle, delegate access decisions, and report on access.

User-added image

User-added image

  • Okta accounts must be deactivated BEFORE they can be deleted.   
  • Admins can deactivate a user via GUI or API.   
  • HR Systems such as Workday can be used as a Master Source.
  • Once the account is deleted, an admin can re-use the deleted username.   
  • Super admins, Org Admins, and User Admins are the only ones who can delete user accounts.

This video shows how to delete an individual user account.  To delete user accounts in bulk form, please see the Bulk Delete of Okta Users With API article.

Look for our next feature videos coming out soon! If you have any ideas how we can make these feature highlight videos more useful for you please let us know.