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Current Release Status
Published: Jan 13, 2015   -   Updated: Apr 18, 2017

As of April 4 2017, Okta is no longer reporting current release status in this article. For the most up to date release information, see our online help at

As of April 3 the status of Okta's latest releases is as follows:

Production Release

  • Okta Production – Release 2017.13 began deployment on April 3, 2017. Click the link to view the Release Notes.
  • Okta Production Release 2017.15 is targeted for deployment on April 17, 2017.

Note: The dates above do not cover hotfixes (unscheduled emergency fixes).

Okta Mobile Releases

Okta Verify Releases


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  • Emilian Aldea on February 28, 2017

     Kindly add this as a bookmark on the front page. It is impossible to locate any of the release notes.