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Box for EMM
Published: Mar 9, 2016   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Okta Mobility Management (OMM) now supports Box for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

Box for EMM is a Box application that enables customers to restrict the use of Box to company-approved mobile devices enrolled in Okta Mobility Management (OMM).

This feature is currently available for iOS devices. 

Setup and Configuration

You need to meet prerequisites and perform setup and configuration steps both in Box and in Okta Mobile. You can find details, along with more details about this feature, here:

Briefly, here are the Okta-side setup instructions:


  • Before configuring Box for EMM, you must have Okta Mobility Management enabled (see Configuring Okta Mobility Management for details) and already have the Box app configured for your org.
  • The enterprise admin (EA) should notify their Box Implementation Consultant (IC) or Customer Success Manager (CSM) about their interest in deploying Box for EMM. The IC or CSM registers the enterprise’s EMM service in the customer’s Box account, and then sends the EA the Public ID to use in the admin console of the Vendor account.

Okta Admin Configuration

  1. In Okta, select the Mobile tab for the Box app.

  2. For iOS Configuration, select Box for EMM - iOS, for Android Configuration, select Box Android; then click the Edit icon.

  3. Enter the following in the Box EMM Settings dialog:

    • Box Public ID (iOS): A string, provided by Box (see step 1 above).

    • Prefill username (iOS): Specify whether you want the username prefilled into the Box signin Screen.

    • Box for EMM (Android): In your Box account, you can choose to support only Box for EMM. This disables the regular version of Box, and only allows managed devices using Android for Work to access Box.

    • Distribution: Specify the distribution method for the Box app to your end users.

    • Permissions (Android): Approve Box's install permissions and specify your Run time permissions.

    • Preconfigure (Android): Managed app config for box is automatically configured

    • Deploy: Specify whether you are ready to deploy this app to be available for your users.

    • Click Save.

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You can now continue to provision users, as you would any other mobile app.