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Assigned Application Missing From User's Okta Page
Published: Apr 4, 2017   -   Updated: Apr 21, 2017
Issue: Assigned Application Missing From User's Okta Page

Cause: Assigning the application triggered a corresponding account provisioning attempt, which failed

Applies to:
  • All Browsers
  • All OS

  • Navigate to Dashboard-Tasks and look for Application assignments encountered errors events such as the following
    • "Invalid Password" or "You must choose a strong password"
      • Check the Okta Legacy Password Policy and ensure that it satisfies the service provider's complexity requirements (generally, 8 characters, upper and lowercase, number or symbol).
    • "Unable to assign licenses to the user" or similar role/license related messages
      • Check to see what license is selected in the user's (or group's) application assignment
      • Verify that there are such licenses available on the SP side.
    • Error indicating username already exists or is unavailable
      • Ask whether the user has already created a personal account for the application with the same username that Okta is attempting to use during provisioning, and if so, whether the application allows to "invite" the user to be a "managed" user.
    • Error indicating a required attribute is missing a value 
      • determine what attributes the SP considers to be required (error message may specify this)
      • verify that the required attributes are populated in the user's Okta profile by:
        • comparing the user's profile with another user who was successfully provisioned and see if you can spot a difference between which attributes are populated, or
        • navigating to the application's profile in the Profile Editor, which will present a list of the application's base and custom attributes.  Clicking the info icon of any attribute will indicate whether it is required or not.
    • Error indicating invalid permissions or credentials
      • Make sure that the account configured in application's "Provisioning" tab has the appropriate level of elevation on the SP side (for example, a G Suite Super Administrator account, O365 Global Administrator, etc).
      • Test the provisioning credentials to rule out an expired or changed password, a deactivated account, etc.

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