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Apps Supporting Profile Mapping
Published: Sep 14, 2017   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018




Apps Supporting Profile Mapping

The Profile Mappings feature allows admins to customize which attribute values are provisioned to an app. Profile Mappings are supported by most provisioning integrations in the OIN, and the following is a list of such apps. We will continually support more over time. One way to verify support is to change a default mapping (e.g., First Name > First Name) and confirm that it takes affect on the next provisioning event.

Provisioning Integrations that Support Profile Mappings

Last Updated 12/12/2014

Adobe Enterprise Huddle 
Adobe CQ IntraLinks 
Amazon Web Services Jive Software 
Bloomfire LDAP 
BlueJeans Litmos MOVEit DMZ 
Box PagerDuty 
Clarizen Postini (Google) 
Concur RightNow CX 
Cornerstone OnDemand Roambi Business 
CrashPlan PROe (On-Prem) Samanage 
Egnyte ShareFile 
Evernote Business Smartsheet 
ExactTarget SuccessFactors 
GitHub Syncplicity 
GitHub Enterprise Veeva Vault 
GoodData Workday 
Google Apps ZScaler 
GoToMeeting (global)