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Published: Jan 31, 2018   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018





The Account page allows you to configure the following settings.

Organization Contact

Provide the contact information that Okta can use to communicate with your organization.

End User Support
  • Technical contact — Designate a technical contact to receive an email when users send a help request. The email address you enter appears in all new user registration emails. It also appears in the footer of their Home page if the Help link option is not used.
  • Support phone — (Optional) You can enter a support phone number that will display on Okta help pages. If you enter a phone number, the link Can't access email appears after users click Forgot password or Unlock password. Clicking Can't access email displays a message containing the support phone number.
  • Help link (optional) — You can enter a URL to create a link to your help site. The link appears in the footer of your end-users' Home page. If you use this option, the Help link replaces the email address entered in the Technical contact option.

Billing Information

Used by Okta for billing purposes.

Give Access to Okta Support

This option is disabled by default. Enable it if you want to grant Okta Support adminstrator-access to your account for troubleshooting purposes.

To grant Support access for 8 hours

  1. Click Edit,
  2. Set the option Okta Support access to Enabled.
  3. Click Save.

To grant Support access for 24 hours (or more)

  1. First, perform the procedure to grant Support access for 8 hours (including clicking Save).
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Under Access expires, click the link Extend Okta Support's access by 1 day.
  4. Click Save. Support's access will be extended to 24 hours from the current time.
  5. To increase the access period by another 24 hours, repeat steps 2 through 4.

Email Notifications

Select the System and Okta email notifications that you want to receive. These email notification settings are specific to your admin account and do not impact other admins.

This is an Early Access feature. To enable it, please contact Okta Support.

  • Global Notifications — This section is operable by Super Admins and Org Admins. Options here apply to notifications sent to all admins. The first option available in this section allows you to send all admin emails as BCC so that recipient's email addresses are hidden.
  • Individual Notifications — Options in this section apply only to your admin account. Select the System and Okta notifications that you want to receive.