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About Profile Masters
Published: Jan 31, 2018   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018




About Profile Masters

A profile master is an application (a directory service like Active Directory or LDAP, or an HR-management app such as Workday) that can act as the "source of truth" for user identities. Once enabled from the app or directory's Provisioning tab, it appears in the list of profile masters on the Profile Masters page. Without the inclusion of any external profile “master”, all profiles are mastered by Okta.

Profile masters are powerful tools that can potentially manage the entire life cycle (creation, updates, and deactivation) of an Okta user. Admins leveraging Workday, for example, can allow Okta to receive user creation, updates, and termination events from Workday.

The following apps and directories are available for profile mastering:

  • Active Directory
  • BambooHR
  • G Suite
  • LDAP
  • NetSuite
  • Namely (build by ISV)
  • Salesforce
  • SuccessFactors
  • UltiPro
  • Workday

Note: Okta is periodically adding profile master capabilities to an expanding number of apps and directories.

Prioritizing Profile Masters

When an app or directory is designated as a profile master, it is listed on the Profile Masters page. This page is also used to sort the priority order of apps that support profile mastering. If more than one profile master exists, they must be prioritized so that end users can be mastered by different systems, based on their assignments. Without attribute-level mastering (ALM), there can only be one profile master that masters a user's entire profile.

Note: When a new profile master is added, it is immediately placed as the lowest priority. This insures that any existing priority master(s) are not altered.

  1. From the Dashboard, click to the Directory drop-down menu.
  2. Scroll down to Profile Masters.

All profile masters are listed, and their status is indicated under the Priority column.

  1. Click the arrows to change the profile status of the corresponding app or directory.



Attribute-Level Mastering

Attribute Level Mastering (ALM) delivers finer-grain control over how profiles are mastered by letting you specify different profile masters for individual attributes. This Early Access feature is s a powerful element of Okta Provisioning. For details, see Setting up Attribute Level Mastering.

Rules for Incoming Imports

Using a profile master necessitates a clear distinction between new imported users verses updates to current Okta users. Okta uses matching rules to maintain a link between the profile master source and Okta to prevent conflicts. These rules can be set from the Provisioning/Settings tab of the mastered app or directory (see User Creation & Matching under Provisioning and Deprovisioning for details).

Profile Mastering and Life Cycle

The flow of a user's identity throughout the different cycles of access (creation, update, and removal of access to resources) is known as a user’s life cycle. A profile master can determine the beginning of this cycle, and is enabled within the provisioning and import space. For details on how profile mastering factors into provisioning, and a general overview of all provisioning options, see Provisioning and Deprovisioning.