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About Attribute Mapping
Published: Jan 31, 2018   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018




About Attribute Mapping

Additional types of mappings can be set in the provisioning tab of each app, enhancing the mapping functionality provided in the Profile Editor. For general information on profile mapping and details on the existing profile editor, see Profile Editor.

Attribute mapping contains the following major enhancements:

  • Individual mapping – map a single attribute in its own window.
  • Support for fixed-list attributes – use a menu or list to map a fixed-list attribute.
  • A sample value appears automatically – when you view or make a change to a mapping, the value for the current user displays automatically in the Okta to app direction; the value for the first app user displays automatically in the app to Okta direction.
  • Warnings – warnings appear when required fields are not mapped.
  • The fields are sorted – required and mapped fields are shown above optional fields that are not mapped.

Attribute mapping contains the following enhancements for convenience:

  • A link to profile editor
  • A Force Sync button that applies the mappings
  • Delete and edit buttons for each attribute mapping

Access and Use

Attribute mapping appears on the provisioning screen for an app. Select Applications from the Dashboard, add or select an app, and then select Provisioning. Attribute mapping appears at the bottom of the provisioning window, as shown below.


Unmapped attributes that are not required are not shown. There is a link at the bottom of the list to show or hide unmapped attributes.

The two buttons at the top of the list apply to all attributes.

  • Go to Profile Editor opens the standard profile editor for the selected app.
  • Force Sync begins synchronization between the app and Okta immediately.

The two icons next to each field apply to that field only.

  • The pencil icon opens the edit screen for that attribute.
  • The X icon deletes mapping for that attribute.

Edit Attributes

When the attribute editor opens, a screen similar to the one shown below opens for the particular attribute. For all attributes, there is a choice to create the mapping, or to create and update the mapping.


Note that the mapped value for the attribute is shown for the current user. You can change the user to any other user in your org for whom the app is assigned.

There are three mapping choices for each attribute shown in the first drop down field.

  • Map from Okta Profile – map this field to a field in the Okta profile that you select in the next drop-down list.
  • Same value for all users – All user have the same value that you enter in the next field.
  • Expression – Use the Okta Expression Language to define the mapping.

Fixed-list Attributes

If the app’s attribute has a fixed set of values to choose from, the edit screen is different. All possible values for the attribute will be displayed in a list or as check boxes. Select the one that will apply to all app users by default, as shown in the image below.


In this example, all users are mapped with the Marketing User and Chatter Answers User feature licenses.