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Tracking Seat Usage
Published: Jan 10, 2015   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Please note: this page is no longer being updated and may not show current information.

Certain apps allow you to enter the number of licenses or seats you have and to report the utilization of the available seats. Seat tracking is always optional.

Entering the Seat Count

When you add a new app that tracks seat count, you can enter the numbers of licenses in the Seats field, as shown below. This information is located in the App Settings section on the General tab for the application.


You can enter or change this information at any time. If you change the number of seats, be sure to run the utilization report again, as the utilization percentage is affected.

Seat Utilization Report

Seat utilization is tracked in the Applications Usage report on the Reports page. After selecting the report, if you choose an app that tracks the seat count and then run the report, the utilization is calculated and displayed on the left, as shown below. There is a shortcut to edit the number of available licenses here. Selecting the edit seats link opens the General tab for the application that is described above. For more information on reports, see Using the Okta Reports Page.