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Configuring Box to Create a Personal Shared Folder
Published: Jan 12, 2015   -   Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Your Box provisioning features enable you to automatically create a personal shared folder for your users during user provisioning. Personal shared folders are only created during user provisioning and not during profile updates. To automatically set up personal folders, do the following:

  1. From your Administrator Dashboard, select Applications and then select your Box app.
  2. Select the Provisioning tab.
  3. Click the Edit button in the Provisioning section.
  4. In the Create Users section, check the Enable button.
  5. Select the Provision new Box accounts from Okta checkbox.
  6. Select the Create personal Box folder when new user account is provisioned check box and then complete the following fields:
  • Full path to parent folder – Enter the path to your parent folder. Open your Box app to see the path. The path appears at the top of the page.


  • For the above example, you would enter All Files/Box V2/Personal Folders as your parent folder path.
  • Default folder name – Use the drop-down menu to select your default folder name setting. The options include several user ID formats (including Okta username, email address, AD employee ID, etc.) or custom. The default setting is your Okta username prefix. Prefix refers to the name portion of the ID. For example, if you select Email prefix or Okta username prefix and the username is, a folder called jdoe is created in Box.
  • Folder permission-level granted to user account – Use the drop-down menu to select Editor or Co-Owner. Editors have read/write access to the folder and can invite and remove collaborators of the folder. Co-owners have read/write access, can invite and remove collaborators of the folder, and have access to the security properties of folder. If you want to prevent users from adding collaborators to their personal folders, select Editor on the drop-down menu in Box, and change the security properties of the parent Personal Folders folder to Only Owners and Co-owners can send collaborator invites. Alternatively, you can restrict collaboration to within your domains only.
  1. Optionally select Deprovision unassigned Box accounts (recommended). When you deprovision their Box accounts, users no longer have access to their personal folders. Personal folders are not deleted. When you reprovision users, they regain access to their existing personal folders.
  2. Select Save.